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About The Author

Cletus E. Olebunne is an experienced biochemist, an entrepreneur, and a budding educator. He consults and educates small business owners on the basics of general business management at his New York office of CEO Management Company. He developed a business management educational program Profitability Goal Team (PGT) where members can receive answers to their small business management questions. Membership to PGT offers free admissions to business and investment management seminars.

Not content with just being a biochemist, Cletus also builds organizations. He bootstrapped Eastern Pharmaceuticals, the company begun as a distributor of pharmaceutical finished products, importing and exporting medicines. Eastern Pharmaceuticals later became a distributor of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and pharmaceutical raw materials. With the experience of self-publishing this book, The Way It Is, he founded Hudson Publications Company, a publishing firm that focuses on publication of business, law, and science books. Cletus also founded a non-profit that focuses on improving awareness and education on the importance of entrepreneurship in a nation's economic development; a vehicle for him to share his life-long passion for science and technology, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing for the developing African countries, with particular focus on Nigeria.

Cletus is author of the book, The Way It Is: Ideas & Solutions for Entrepreneurs. Start-ups & Growth Companies. He holds a Biochemistry degree from University of Ilorin, a graduate certificate in International Business and Finance from New York University, and an MBA in General Management and Entrepreneurship from Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, New York. Before striking out on his own Cletus spent several years as a clinical and research biochemist. He is a member of American Management Association (AMA), American Chemical Society (ACS), and Regulatory Affairs Professional Society in the pharmaceutical industry.


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