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Education & Experience

When I founded Eastern Pharmaceuticals, I was pursuing a graduate business degree, but I had something equally important — a love of building and creating.

Fundamentally, company survival and growth are a function of creativity. Personally, I had retail and wholesale business experience learnt from my father. I did inventory management and account management for my father's retail and wholesale businesses. Therefore, it was a given that  my first company was a wholesale and distributing company.

When I was growing up, my dad was so keen that I focus on my education, but allowed me to help with inventory management and accounting. While, my parents, particularly my father wanted me to go to medical school, since I was good in sciences and mathematics, my interest was in government and commerce; not knowing where government and commerce were going to lead me, I choose to study biochemistry with the thinking that I will end up in the business end of science. 

I loved science as a child, studied science, and worked as a clinical biochemist before founding Eastern Pharmaceuticals. In fact, one of my avocations is to read about scientific  advancements.

My business education was also valuable. The Master of Business Administration program at Whitman School of Management rounded out my understanding of business, accelerating my understanding of entrepreneurship. However, I do not consider an MBA indispensable by any means and I tell people that many jobs provide similar overview of business if one became interested in the business aspect of the job.

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