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Family Life

Family life contains many unexpected surprises. Everyone must prioritize and make choices like in all other areas of life.

Communicating your vision and objectives at home is as important as communicating them to your business partners. Doing so will remove uncertainty for your family in the same way it removed uncertainty for your business partners.

It is also important to look backwards from some time in the future to insure that one did not neglect family on one day in a way that one would regret the next. It is equally important to attend events, making a point not to miss a birthday, anniversary, doctor's appointment, school meeting, school performance, or dinner at home.

In fact, entrepreneurs must tried to create regular family events. The risk for the entrepreneur is to be there without really being there, preoccupied with matters of the business. That is the benefit in making a common occurrence like a family dinner into more of an event. If one gave a few minutes thought ahead of time to what he or she wanted to talk about at dinner, then interaction with family came naturally even if the day's events made you tired and stressed.

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